After studying painting in my home city of Edinburgh, Scotland and graduating with a BA in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005, my work has diversified to include printmaking, sculpture, installation and digital processes. I currently produce work from my studio in the Exmoor National Park, Somerset.

As a multi-disciplinary artist I work with a range of methods, I am interested in materials, how we engage with them. Working from diverse sources, I deconstruct, combine and reconfigure found and self-created objects and imagery into prints, drawings and sculptural installations. My work is process driven and often experimental in nature, reflecting themes such as industry, consumerism and our relationship with the landscape. I use methods such as mouldmaking and casting, screenprinting, embossing and lasercutting and by altering and remaking, I aim to dislocate the finished work from its source and encourage new interpretations. I believe that everyday objects can become departure points from which layers of meaning can be applied.

I am also interested in the different ways people engage with art and how artists can communicate ideas to an audience out with the traditional gallery context, this is something I have explored through self-initiated work, residencies and most recently public art projects. I’m interested in how art can become part of our built environment and how this can lead to new interpretations of heritage and place.

I see the creative process as being one of continual learning and think this is something to be shared, In recent years I have ran workshops on various techniques such as relief printing, screen printing and slip casting and I also continue to experiment with new techniques to incorporate into my practice.

A curiosity of processes and materials is something that drives my work, I’m interested in the relationship between material and form and how this can be used to communicate ideas.